Singer, actress, environmental activist and animal lover… French-Mexican, raised in Canada…
Lover of the Beatles music, she accomplished her dream of recording a Tribute Album of the Liverpool fab four, with the approval from London by their Music Publishing Company… Her Album “Singing*The Beatles” is now days one of the most listened and sold cd in the main music stores in Mexico.
She has a total of 9 albums on stores and all of them are top selling records in Mexico and Latin America.
Her presence is fresh, modern and full of energy… She has stepped in all types of stages across the world, from small showcases in shopping centers, night clubs, massive events, TV and radio shows, all the way to the “Teatro de La Ciudad” located in Mexico, City and the famous “House Of Blues” on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA.
She speaks 5 languages; she’s a ballet and hip-hop dancer and practices yoga.
Stephanie has combined her singing with her acting career, and has appeared in numerous soap operas for the TV Network Televisa, such as “La Madrastra” and “Mujer, Casos de La Vida Real”, she has done theater in classic plays such as “The Cherry Orchard” and “Ce Formidable Bordel”, various commercials for important brands like Tasti-Lee, Colgate, Axe, Fiat and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram and appeared in Films such as “In Da Cut”,“Pecado Mortal”, “The Desire of Ages”, among others.